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28 September 2011

Fakta Hari Ini...- 9 Reasons Why the Captain of a Ship Prefers to Sink with the Ship -

Whenever a ship sinks due to any reason, the Captain of the Ship prefers to sink with the ship. Captain, heroically sank with the ship, whereas the other ships crew were rescued. Though this is shocking and surprising, there are enough reasons for this.

1.Customs and Traditions:

There are unwritten customs and traditions in the Merchant Ship which are followed by mariners since centuries. Captain preferring to sink with the ship is also one form of customs and traditions followed in the Merchant Ship. You may recollect on such occasions, that a pilot of the aircraft most of the times ejects, as there is no such custom and tradition to be followed.

2.Perform or Perish attitude:

The captain being the hard task master, when fails to perform ie when he is not able to protect the ship and ships crew prefers to perish, i.e. he prefers to sink with the ship.

3.Moral responsibility:

Whatsoever may be the reason for the ship to sink, the captain doesn’t blame anyone till his last breath, but ensures that the ships crew is saved or rescued. He owes the moral responsibility for the mishap and prefers to sink with the ship. Such an act of owing moral responsibility is rarely seen in corporate bosses or head of an organisation.

4.Setting an example:

The captain being the No1 in the ship, has to be an example to others. He is the captain as long as the ship floats, but when the ship sinks he is no more a captain. Hence when the ship sinks he prefers to sink with the ship.

5.Mark of respect:

When the ship sinks, the captain sinks with the ship as an act of mark of respect to the ship he commanded.

6.Can’t live without his Lady Love:

The captain can not live without his Ladylove i.e. when his ship sinks. Ship is generally feminine. You may see my earlier post on this subject.

7.My ship and My command attitude:

The captain of a ship, functionally acts as a dictator. Because of this attitude, he feels he is right to sink with the ship when his command collapses.

8.An act of Sacrifice:

The captain feels guilty when the ship sinks and prefers to sink with the ship.

9.To be seen as a Hero or Martyr:

By sinking with the ship, the captain will always be seen as a hero or martyr. If he prefers to survive, he loses his name and fame and will have a miserable life.


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